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Reservoir Circle 
is a gathering of minds – like-minds and divergent-minds – designed to change the way you think about who you are and why you’re here.

Whether you’re looking to transform your experience of your personal life and work, or looking to take your team or your company to the next level, here is where you find the way forward.

At Reservoir Institute, we have two levels of engagement for individuals navigating their way to a new sense of self and purpose. To start, Reservoir Circle, at its core, is a peer coaching group.

The idea is that working with a single coach can be life changing. Working with a coach and a group of peers accelerates the growth dramatically. It works because we all tend to think our problems and stresses are unique. But we’re more alike than we think and, because of that, we can lift each other up. Imagine a think tank of leaders you meet once or twice a month on Zoom, led by one of Reservoir’s coaches. You’ll meet like minds and divergent thinkers who will all help you expand your self-awareness and your awareness of others.

But that’s not all. Each month, you’ll participate in Seminars with members of the Reservoir Advisory Council. Our advisors are former CEOs of global organizations. They have backgrounds teaching at leading business schools. They have led CEO programs for the world’s most admired consulting companies. They provide expertise in everything from crisis management to the neuroscience of leadership.

You’ll also have access to other Courses, part of the expanded Reservoir Institute offering as we grow. These are longer workshops and classes led by some of the best teachers and subject matter experts in North America and Europe. Your membership in Reservoir Circle will give you discounts on all Reservoir activities and events.

Along with that, you can participate in a monthly Book Club, often with the author presenting his or her own book and talking about what you can do to accelerate your personal growth. All are carefully chosen to help you navigate yourself and your journey.

And, just as important, you’ll build a network of friends and mentors you can reach out to at any time, fellow-travelers for a lifetime. As the Circle grows you’ll have opportunities to meet in person. (Check out our Ghost Ranch Retreat for members, coming up in April.)

Reservoir Circle. It’s easy, it’s affordable, and the journey is calling. After all, why are you here?

Enroll below and let the journey begin.

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Tier 1: Reservoir Circle ($150/month)
Peer Group + Workshops
Your Circle subscription is the start point. It gives you membership in a group of like-minded peers with monthly engagements in book clubs, think tanks, group coaching and interactive workshops on topics around leadership, self-awareness, resiliency and goal-setting. In addition, you can join select peer coaching groups that fit your profile and work with a Reservoir coach and up to ten other leaders to share problems and solutions. And whenever you’re ready, you can arrange a private coaching session with a Reservoir coach, either by signing up for the next tier or for a one-time fee.

Tier 2: Reservoir Coaching ($450/month)
Peer Group + Workshops + 1-on-1 Monthly Coaching
The next step up, your Coaching subscription includes everything Reservoir Circle offers, with the addition of private monthly sessions with a Reservoir coach, tailored to your personal needs. You will have a dedicated advisor and access to group coaching sessions with other specialists every month.

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What does Reservoir Institute Include?

Our group of leaders will have access to the best thinking, best practices and best advice available – both from coaches and other industry experts.

Subscription offering includes:
  • Regularly scheduled webinars of presentations and panel discussions on topics relevant to business today and in the future
  • Access to a private online study group to share ideas and interaction with peers, coaches, and industry experts

  • Leadership assessment and emotional intelligence tools, plus consultation

  • Monthly one-on-one coaching (included in Reservoir Coaching tier)

  • Think Tank sessions – a leadership forum for new ideas and solutions, as well as a group problem solving and futurecasting workshop

  • Women’s Network – a mentorship network dedicated solely for women-to-women conversations on leadership and work-life balance best practices

Let’s build something awesome together.

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We have a way to get you there.